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About DianeEgan.com

Most of my audience comes here to laugh, be entertained, and maybe learn something while they’re here.

If any of that happens to you while clicking my buttons, then I’ve reached another one of my life’s goals. Score another point for me!

I’m my favorite husband’s caregiver. That means my sense of humor is getting a full workout. I’ll be sharing stories about it on the Caregiver Blog.

Custom shirt designs and denim bags for sale are planned for the future. You can sign up for my newsletter to know when they’re online for sale!

I’m also a writer on Medium.com. It’s funny how I keep finding things online that I consider therapy. Check out my stories and see just how warped my sense of humor can be!

The Blog will feature my meme collection, as well as favorite jokes. There will also be a Caregiver Blog where I share how-to’s, personal experiences, and resources to help navigate the confusing world of insurance company healthcare.